The People

Christian Katballe / Partner and Finance

Christian is the grand old man who co-founded the brand back in 1995, when business was second to surfing and snowboarding. 20 years later, the passion is still there, but family and work have pushed snowboarding farther down the ladder—it's definitely not the physical ability, oh no, not at all.

His hair is still as long as it was back then, but some slightly more grey tones show he's the oldest man at the company. He works and lives in Denmark, and Austria where the rest of his family is based.

It's in Christian's DNA to be nice to everybody and this state of mind is the corner stone of the company he started like a million years ago.

Thor / Sales

After more than 10 years with a bigger international brand, Thor came to RVLT Revolution to fulfill the ambition of creating an even better sales force. Thor is all about sales and takes pride in selling the right selection to the right customers. He has a good eye for designs which work in the market and he can spot a good selling product from far away. Besides his life at RVLT, he is married and has god knows how many kids.

Birgitte / Designer

Without Birgitte, our business would be in a state of complete Armageddon. She is super skilled at putting everything and everybody into a spreadsheet system, which makes it a lot easier to do 250 styles twice a year. Birgitte is creative by heart, a trained tailor and a fashion designer with a degree from the textile school TEKO. Her tailoring skills are helpful in figuring out the right fit of our products - but also very useful when someone at the office has a pair of lived-in jeans that need a bit of repair. Weekends are for her boyfriend, slow cooking, beers, games with friends and a good flea market within a 100 km. radius. Holidays are for being offline enjoying food and drinks.

Katerina / Designer

Katerina is easy going, warm and very nerdy. She's knowledgeable about obscure topics, many of which Google may not even know about. Music, various subcultures, sci-fi movies and 80s youth culture have her full attention. When she is not enlightening the office about these topics, she is one of RVLT's designers. Katerina has a degree in fashion from TEKO, and lucky for us, prefers designing for men. She's inspired by the youth, the 90's and creates wearable pieces utilizing these design elements. Katerina is an Aarhus local, she lives with the chef of organic restaurant SåRT and their two year-old son. Her favourite dish, Coq Strasbourg, is not on the menu, so this comes out of her own kitchen.
Business advice no. 1: "never let family or relatives work together in your company!" We made the biggest, but what turned out to be the best, mistake 5-10 years ago by hiring brothers Michael and Morten. The two grew up apart from each other in the country side and are now catching up on lost time by working, playing, skiing and celebrating together.

Morten / Logistics and Sales
Despite being related, they are very different – Morten is a people person and considers himself to be the best possible HR person this company has ever seen. He knows how to make the perfect cortado and has a side business catering for anyone who needs a rock-solid feast with lots of gravy for any celebration.

Michael / Partner and International sales
Michael is part owner of RVLT. He is that nosy type that sticks his head into everything and doesn't let it go before it is solved. Michael is a workaholic and is known to pull some pretty late hours. He is hard to summarize or to put into a certain category. Have you ever heard of a salsa instructor, dog owner, handball coach, hunter and off-piste enthusiast in one person? – well now you have!

Jesper / Supply Chain and Business Intelligence

He may not have invented Excel, but almost. If Jesper were to be president of the world you could be sure that it would be well structured and organized in columns. Jesper is the back bone of the back office – he tests and makes sure that everything is bulletproof and on time, maybe even a bit ahead of time.

Jesper used to brag about how he once was a well-respected goalkeeper with the highest savings rate anyone had ever seen – well, that was in the old days. Now he is a proud father, golfer, and in a relationship with a dietitian and thereforesuper healthy.

Frederik / Photographer

Frederik studied physics and architecture before finally finding the right path with photography and film. Don't ask him anything about the mystery of the universe unless you are ready for a joyride into black holes and parallel universes for a couple of hours. Frederik, who is Katerina's brother, shoots, plans and organizes photo and video projects with us – but one day he'll follow his dream of becoming a screenplay director. He claims he already has the script for a giant blockbuster.

Palle / Partner and Design director

With a master degree in architecture and product design Palle is not the typical co-founder of a fashion brand. But 22 years in the business have given him some level of fashion skills. He is major consumer of—in no particular order—architecture, graphic design, art, interiors, people, places and culture. Aside from being the creative part of RVLT Revolution, he enjoys spending time with his two kids, traveling, back country skiing and when time allows it, easy nights on the coach. You could make a joke here and say: As with many other creatives, financial overviews and sales aren't his strength, but we still keep him around.

Carle / Carpenter

We don't know who actually brought Carle in, but some how he's set up his own woodshop in a part of the RVLT warehouse. In his own little man cave he creates everything in wood for fairs, our office and retail interior spaces.

Carle is a true one-man-army who knows no limits when it comes to wood work. No matter how far away he is from the office you can be sure that he will show up when food is on the table at noon. It doesn't matter who brought him in, he is joyful and nice and, of course, very useful to have around.

Nicolai / Warehouse

Nicolai is the warehouse boss. He ensures that productivity targets are achieved and that all warehouse processes are running smoothly and promptly. Nicolai can manoeuvre a forklift through very tight spaces despite never getting a real driver's license. Nicolai is deeply passionate about gin, even gins you have never heard of. Look him up on Instagram @ginkartoteket if you're curious about good gin options and how to mix a proper drink. He often goes back and forth to work on a longboard with flyers in hand promoting the longboard festival he organizes every year at the island of Samsoe.

Valdemar / Helping hand

Valdemar is the youngest at the office and works two days a week after school just so he can buy the latest pair of ridiculously expensive football shoes, an iPhone X or top-notch skiing equipment. Valdemar is very into football, playing 3-4 times a week while sporting the latest model of football shoes and the jersey of his favorite player – Andrea Pirlo. He will one day be pro at something – football, skiing or some other physical activity, which doesn't include PokemonGo.