Product Approach

RVLT is good quality products at best possible price, no hidden marketing contributions or other tricks to gain profit – this is not our game. When you purchase a RVLT product, you should be able to wear it over and over again and even still love it when you take it out of your closet after 3 years, we are no believers of fast fashion and the throw way mentality, we take pride in creating products which can last.

We always search for the best possible fabrics available in the local area and only use trims, like zippers and buttons, from trusted suppliers with the right ISO certifications – example YKK or SBS.

The last decade we have primarily used good quality conventional cotton while the amount of controlled organic cotton available has been limited. Over the last couple of years, the production of organic cotton has increased and by 2020 we aim at that 50-70% of all our products are made from controlled organic cotton, recycled cotton or BCI controlled cotton.

Read more about BCI here

Already today we produce organic cotton underwear and 50% of all denims are by end of 2018 made of organic cotton.

The use of synthetics fibers, like nylon or polyester are by today present in some of our products, but the effort to minimize the amount is taken. By 2020 we aim at using only biodegradable synthetics fibers.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain is build on long term relationships and contains a small group of suppliers, 7 to be more precise – some have been around for more than 20 years while the youngest cooperation is only 11 years old – we know each other very well, we know how our garments are produced by whom and where.

Furthermore, we continuously look/visit for new suppliers who can drive our development forward, someone who have the right approach according to our code of conduct and technology to meet the newest demands of the textile industry.

All suppliers are visited at regular basis to make sure all agreements are kept, and future initiatives are discussed. The cooperation this is an ongoing transparent relationship which secure that we behave rightfully and according to the international demands and standards – anything else would completely nonsense to us.

Social Responsibility

In collaboration with our suppliers we bear the responsibility to provide a safe, fair and ethical working environment for all the people who are involved in the manufacturing of our clothes.

International standard terms:
- Minimum wage is kept according to the individual country
- No child labor
- Health insurance for all workers
- Over time is paid according to national agreement
- All working hours/breaks are kept according to national agreement

Additional RVLT terms:
- Supplier shall provide meals for all workers
- Childcare plan at production facility
- Transport back and forth from working facility

To improve our collaborations/cooperation we look to add a non-profit organization to monitoring our network. By 2020 we will strive to use the organization Fair Wear Foundation as a part of our network. Fair Wear Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization striving to improve working conditions in the textile industry.

Read more about Fair Wear Foundation here

Production Map

Our production is based on a handful of main suppliers in 3 different countries.
The map shows where we produce and what type of products/garments in each country.

Further more you can see what type of freight solution we used from each country.
  • RVLT production map